Building a Content Distribution Proxy Implementing the LSATs spec | Summer Of Bitcoin’22 at Alby

About the project

  1. Authentication of resources using LSAT:-
LSAT Authentication flow diagram (taken from
LSAT authentication scheme
LSAT authorization scheme
{"Accept-Authenticate": "LSAT"}

Project Progress

Request-response flow

Upcoming project goals

  1. Add support for other nodes like Core-lightning and Eclair.
  2. Implement the proxy as a middleware.
  3. Implement a dynamic module for NGINX.
  4. Develop client-side SDKs and libraries in popular languages like Golang and Python.



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Dhananjay Purohit

Summer Of Bitcoin’22 @Alby | GSoC'21 @Orcasound | LFX’21 CNCF- @LitmusChaos | Full Stack Developer | Open-source contributor